Vera Causa Realty is a boutique real estate development company which offers full-service brokerage services. Our development services include Joint Land Redevelopment Ventures, Contracted Projects and Building Renovation and Restoration. Our brokerage services include Property Sales and Rentals, and Property Management of residential and commercial spaces.

Vera Causa Realty begun operations in 2015. It is located in Airport Residential Area,  Accra, and is led by its Chief Executive Officer, Anita Keteku Arkutu, a real estate development professional and broker, as well as an experienced attorney with an understanding of the legal aspects of land transactions in Ghana.

At Vera Causa Realty we apply every bit of our professional expertise in resolving our clients challenges and meeting their needs. We believe in personalised customer service and create solutions that are crafted to exceed your expectations. 

It is imperative for us to deliver to our clients what we have promised, especially when dealing with off-plan property sales. Our clients put a lot of trust and their hard earned money in our hands and we strive to be honest and diligent custodians of these resources.  

We look forward to welcoming you into our family.